"विद्याधनं सर्वधनप्रधानम्"
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Student Achivement

•Two students from the 2021 batch - Satyam Kumar and Anubhav Patel were selected for InOut 6.0 in Bangalore which is one of the best professional hackathons in India.
•14 students from 2020 and 2021 batches were selected for Hack In The North 4.0, IIIT Allahabad which is the largest student-organized hackathon in India.
•4 students from the 2021 batch - Satyam Kumar, Pulkit Mishra, Jyotika Yadav, and Abhishek Tiwari won the best hardware hack at Hack-A-Bit 2018, organized by BIT Mesra.
•4 students from the 2022 batch - Bharat Keswani, Nimish Mishra, Shibayan Mondal, and Souvik Biswas won the 5th prize at Hack-A-Bit 2019, organized by BIT Mesra.
•3 students of the 2021 batch - Abhishek Tiwari, Pulkit Mishra, and Satyam Kumar won the 2nd runner-up prize at Codeutsava 3.0 at NIT Raipur.
•2 students from the 2022 batch - Shivam Prajapati and Abhishek Amrute won the first prize at UtkalHacks 2.0 conducted by Emisha at Ravenshaw University.
•2 Teams of 3 students each made it to ACM ICPC Regionals 2019. Anubhav Patel, Sayan Medya, and Bharat Keswani formed a team. Gaurav Mishra, Govind Singh Rajpurohit, and Abhijeet Singh Khangarot formed the other team.
Ongoing Projects
  • 1. DRDO (System Analysis Group) sponsored project SAG/4600/TCID/CARS/52: Total Cost: 54.83696 Lakhs; Title: Development of Cryptanalysis Tools for HAmming Metric Post Quantum Code Based Cryptosystems PI & Co-PI: Dr. Bhaskar Biswas and Dr. Debasish Bera

  • 2. SERB sponsored project SRG/2020/001141: Total cost: 15.8656 Lakhs Title: Investigation on the propagation characteristic of thermo-elastic wave in piezothermoelastic media PI: Dr Anirban Lakshman

  • 3. Data Security Council of India (DSCI) sponsored project; Total cost: 4.9 Lakhs Title: Design and Implementation of 2PAKA (two party authenticated key agreement) protocol for devices using Post -Quantum Cryptography” PI: Dr SK Hafizul Islam

  • 4. Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), R&D in IT Group, ITEA Division, Govt. of India, sponsored project : Total cost: 16.18 Lakhs Title: AI for Agriculture & Food Sustainability PIs: Dr. Sanjay Chatterjee, Dr. Sanjoy Pratihar, and Dr. Imon Mukherjee

  • 5. SERB sponsored project ECR/2017/002258: total cost 20.3064 Lakhs Title: "Short-term Variability in Sun-Synchronous and Non-Sun Synchronous Tides in the Middle Atmosphere from Investigations of Contemporaneous Satellite, Model and Reanalysis Data" PI: Dr.Uma Das,Physics, Indian Institute of Information Technology Kalyani
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