Seminar on "Introduction to Intelligent User Interface"

Held on 5th February, 2019


Congratulations to the winners at HACKABIT 2018

International Yoga Day
International Yoga celebrated by IIIT Kalyani.

Swachh Bharat Summer Internship

IIIT kalyani students are participating in 100 hour experimental internship program visiting one or more villages and conduct activities of their choice to contribute to the cause of rural sanitation in India

Codacharya 2k18
A Coding competetion organized by IIIT Kalyani.
Faculty Coordinator : Dr. Sanjay Chatterji , Dr. Sanjoy Pratihar
Result of Codacharya_2K18:-
1- mwb_1(Priyaranjan Rai and Surya Vamsi), prize-3000 INR
2- the_derated(Aman Kumar Singh and Aman Prasad), prize-2000 INR
3- binary_d(Abhishek Shukla and Ayush Agarwal), prize-1000 INR
Campus Placement Drive

Indian Institute of Information Technology Kalyani has conducted its campus placement drive on 10th-11th March.

Orientation Day

Symphony(IIIT-Kalyani's Music Club) Orientation Day.

Le Tour De India

'Le Tour De India' - the quiz competition certainly took us on an enlightening voyage through India. We applaud all the participants and congratulate the winners.

Kite Competition

Indian Institute of Information Technology - IIIT Kalyani celebrates 69th republic Day #Kite_Flying_Festival.

Republic Day Celebrations

Indian Institute of Information Technology - IIIT Kalyani celebrates 69th republic Day

Sarswati Puja Celebrations

ॐ अर्हं मुख कमल वासिनी पापात्म क्षयम्कारी वद वद वाग्वादिनी सरस्वती ऐं ह्रीं नमः स्वाहा॥

Sardar Vallabhbhai Birthday Celebrations

"There is something unique in this soil, which despite many obstacles has always remained the abode of great souls" IIIT Kalyani celebrated #RashtriyaEktaDiwas today.

Paryatan Parv

Tourism itself is all about celebration and #ParyatanParv celebrates tourism across the country during the festive seasons. IIIT Kalyani celebrates #FestivalOfFestivals .

Talk by Dr. Tirthankar Dasgupta

A resource rich interactive lecture by Dr. Tirthankar Dasgupta from TCS Innovative Lab on Enterprise Information Extraction from Open Web and Natural Language Processing.

Nasscom Seminar

Indian Institute of Information Technology - IIIT Kalyani had a fortunate opportunity to be part of an innovative seminar conducted by NASSCOM ,Mr. Atul Prakash Agarwal graced the lecture with his knowledgeable presence .

Teachers Day

Indian Institute of Information Technology takes an active part in Teachers Day Celebrations

Independence Day Celebrations

Celebrate the spirit of freedom and soar high as our country rejoices the 70th year of prosperity,progression and peace. IIIT KALYANI wishes you all a very Happy Independence Day.