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Dr. Dalia Nandi (Das)
Ph.D. [University of Calcutta]
Dept : Electronics and Communication Engineering
Email : dalianandi AT
Research Interests:

5G and beyond, Iot based Embedded system, Radio wave propagation, Satellite communication, RF and microwaves .

Recent Publications:

[A] Book:

1. Dalia Nandi, “Development of Channel Model from Propagation Measurements”, (ISBN 978-3-330-036116-1), Publisher: Lambert Academic Publishing, a trademark of: Omni Scriptum GmbH & Co. German, 2017

[B] SCI Journals:

1. D. Das, “Development of channel model to predict rain attenuation time series useful for satellite communication link over the world”, 2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Satellite Space Missions, Berlin, Germany,July 21-23, 2016, published in Journal of Aeronautical Aerospace Engineering, Vol.5, Issue 2, page87, 2016,

2. D. Das and A.Maitra. “Fade-Slope Model for Rain Attenuation Prediction in Tropical Region”, IEEE Geoscience & Remote Sensing Letters, 13(6), 777-781, 2016.

3. D. Das and A.Maitra, “Rain attenuation prediction during rain events in different climatic regions” Journal of Atmospheric and Solar -Terrestrial Physics,Elsevier, 128(1),1-7, 2015.

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