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Dr. Sanjoy Pratihar
Ph.D. [IIT Kharagpur]
Dept : Computer Science and Engineering
Email : sanjoy AT
Research Interests:

Computer Vision, Digital Geometry , Low–level Image Processing, Document Image Processing.

Recent Publications:

1. S. Pratihar and P. Bhowmick, On the Farey Sequence and its Augmentation for Applications to Image Analysis, International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (AMCS), Vol. 27, No. 3, pp. 637-658, 2017.

2. S. Pratihar and P. Bhowmick, Fast and Direct Polygonization for Gray-Scale Images Using Digital Straightness and   Exponential Averaging, International Journal of Image and Graphics, Vol. 16, Art. 1650007 (36 pages), 2016.

3. B. Paria, S. Pratihar and P. Bhowmick, On Farey table and its compression for space optimization with guaranteed error bounds, Mathematics for Applications (Czech Journal, Published by the Institute of Mathematics of Brno University of Technology), Vol. 5(2), pp. 123-145, 2016.

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