"विद्याधनं सर्वधनप्रधानम्"
IIIT Kalyani Students come from across India, representing diverse experiences, backgrounds and cultures.
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The academic structure of IIIT Kalyani exhibits the diversity, comprehensiveness, and depth befitting an institution of its age and stature. The programme/course offered at the institute have the flexibility to evolve and change in response to new requirements. They serve the dual purpose of building a solid foundation of knowledge and of enhancing confidence, creativity and innovation in its students.

A unique attribute of IIIT Kalyani's academic structure is the autonomy enjoyed by the faculty in designing and structuring their curriculum and courses . A favourable student-teacher ratio ensures productive, personal contact between the student and the teacher.

Finally, credit-based academic programmes offer flexibility to students to progress at their own pace. This system ensures an academic programme which is dynamic and constantly evolving and which reflects the institute’s commitment to stay in tune with the expanding frontiers of knowledge worldwide. The institute provides high quality of education, and it ensures that its students are also of exceptionally high calibre. Admission to IIIT Kalyani is enabled through Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) only for the undergraduate programme.

IIIT Kalyani's B.Tech. programme admits 130 students for only one of its discipline, Computer Science and Engineering (CSE). Seats are filled up through Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA) after qualifying JEE (Main) examination administered by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

UG Admission
Ph.D. Admission
Ph.D. Admission

Admission Procedure
Admission to the Ph.D. Programme of the Institute will normally take place in January and July every year. Advertisements will be issued in September/October for the even semester (January - June) and February-March for the odd semester (July - December).
Admission to all categories of students is granted on the basis of admission test followed by interview to be held usually during the month of December and May - July every year.

The following documents are to be furnished along with the application by candidates falling under Sponsored, Project Staff, Part-time and External categories:

Duration of Ph.D. Programs
The duration of the Ph.D. programme is as follows :

( i ) . The minimum duration of the Ph.D. programme (excluding dropped semester(s)/maternity leave) is four semesters after registration.
( ii ) . The maximum duration of the Ph.D. programme is 12semesters from the date of admission for a full-time student of which he can get fellowship of 10 semestersand 14semesters for a part-time student. The period will be counted after registration.
( iii ) . Any further extension can be approved by the competent authority.
Category of Ph.D. Students
The Institute admits Ph.D. students under the following categories :

A student in this category works full-time for his/her Ph.D. degree. He/she receives assistantship from the Institute or Fellowship from CSIR/UGC or any other recognized funding agency.

Astudent in this category is sponsored by a recognized R & D organization, academic institution, government organization or industry for doing research in the Institute on a full- time basis.The Institute does not provide any assistantship/fellowship to such a student.

A student in this category works full-time or part-time towards the Ph.D.Programme. The Institute does not provide any assistantship/fellowship to such a student.

This category refers to a student who is working on a sponsored project in the Institute and isadmitted to the Ph.D.Programmeto work on a full-time or part-time basis. The remaining duration of the project at the time of admission should be at least one year. If the project getscompleted before the student completes his/her Ph.D.Programme, his/her category will be converted to that of SELF- FINANCED unless he/she is granted an assistantship/fellowship from the Institute or any other agency.

A scholar in this categoryshould be a professionally employed person (including the staff of IIIT Kalyani), who pursues the Ph.D.Programme while continuing the duties of his/her service. The Institute does not provide any assistantship/fellowship to such a scholar.

This category refers to a scholar employed in an R & D organization/academicinstitution/industry having adequate research facilities. The research work leading to the Ph.D. degree may be carried out largely in the parent organization of the candidate under a LocalSupervisor from the organization but with the overall guidance provided by a faculty member (Institute Supervisor) of the Department/Centre in which he/she is registered. The Institute does not provide any assistantship/fellowship to such a student. Such a candidate will have to complete the course work and other requirements of the Institute and will have to take official withdrawal after completion of the requirements to continue work in his/her parent Institute. The Institute does not provide any assistantship/fellowship to such a scholar.

A scholar in this category is a registered scholar in another university/institute in India or abroad. The Institute does not award any degree to such a student/candidate.
Eligibility Criteria for Admission into Ph.D. Programme
The details of the eligibility criteria (i.e., minimum qualifications and experience) for admission to various Ph.D. programmes are given in this appendix. The DRC reviews the same for admission to the Ph.D. programme from time to time. Relaxation in academic qualification for reserved categories of students is as per Government of India guidelines.

1. Ph.D. in Engineering
For admission to the Ph.D. Programme in Engineering departments, a candidate must satisfy one of the following criteria:

2. Ph.D. in Science
For admission to the Ph.D. Programme in Science departments, a candidate must satisfy one of the following criteria:

3. Ph.D. in Humanities and Social Sciences
For admission to the Ph.D. Programme in the department of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS), a candidate must satisfy one of the following criteria:

4. Minimum Experience for Sponsored, Part-Time and External Categories
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Admission In-charge
For Admission related queries, contact Admission In-charge of IIIT Kalyani.