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Dr. Imon Mukherjee
Ph.D. [Jadavpur University]
Dept : Computer Science and Engineering
Email : imon AT
Research Interests:

Information Security, Data Analytics, Computer Vision


[1] Principal Investigator of the project, entitled “Implementation of Security in eGovernance through Steganography”, funded by Department of Science & Technology (DST), Govt. of West Bengal, India (2013-2016).
[2] Dr. Imon Mukherjee is the Principal Investigator of Principal Investigator of the ongoing project entitled “AI in Agriculture & Food Sustainability” funded by MeiTy, Govt. of India (2020-2023).

Recent Publications:

1. Biswas, R., Mukherjee, I. & Bandyopadhyay, S.K.,"Image feature based high capacity steganographic algorithm", Multimed Tools Appl (2019) 78: 20019. [SCI indexed]

2. Das, S., Muhammad, K., Bakshi, S., Mukherjee, I., Sa, P.K., Sangaiah, A.K., Bruno, A., "Lip biometric template security framework using spatial steganography", Pattern Recognition Letters, 2018, , ISSN 0167-8655, [SCI indexed]

3. Paul, G., Davidson, I., Mukherjee, I., and Ravi, S, S., “Keyless Dynamic Optimal Steganography using Energetic Pixels”, Multimedia Tools and Applications, 76(5):7445, pp. 1-27, 2016, Springer-US, DOI: 10.1007/s11042-016-3319-0 [SCI(E) indexed]

4. Mukherjee, I., and Paul, G., Altrin, J, “Defeating Steganography with Multibit Sterilization using Pixel Eccentricity”, IPSI BgD Transactions on Advance Research (IPSI BgD Internet Research Society), vol. 11, no. 1, pp. 25-34, 2015, DOI: 10.1109/GLOCOM.2010.56842163.

5. Mukherjee, I., Ganguly, R., “Multiple video clips preservation using folded back audio-visual cryptography scheme”, Multimedia Tools and Applications, 2017, Springer, DOI: 10.1007/s11042-017-4431-5 [SCI(E) indexed] Full list here

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