"विद्याधनं सर्वधनप्रधानम्"
Ph.D admission interview has been postponed, the date will be intimated later     Shortlisted candidates' list for the PhD Admission

Student Achivement

  • A team of two students (Satyam Kumar and Anubhav Patel, 2021 Batch) selected for the Hackathon InOut 6.0, Bangalore, India

  • A team of fourteen students (2020, 2021 Batch) selected for the Hack In The North 4.0, IIIT Allahabad,India

  • A team of four students (Satyam Kumar, Pulkit Mishra, Jyotika Yadav, and Abhishek Tiwari, 2021 Batch) won the best hardware hack at Hack-A-Bit 2018, BIT Mesra.

  • A team of four students (Bharat Keswani, Nimish Mishra, Shibayan Mondal, and Souvik Biswas, 2022 Batch) won the 5th prize at Hack-A-Bit 2019, BIT Mesra

  • A team of three students (Abhishek Tiwari, Pulkit Mishra, and Satyam Kumar, 2021 Batch) won the 2nd runner-up prize at Codeutsava 3.0, NIT Raipur

  • A team of two students (Shivam Prajapati and Abhishek Amrute, 2022 Batch) won the first prize at UtkalHacks 2.0 , Ravenshaw University

  • Two teams of three students (Anubhav Patel, Sayan Medya, and Bharat Keswani and Gaurav Mishra, Govind Singh Rajpurohit, and Abhijeet Singh Khangarot) each made it to ACM ICPC Regionals 2019.
  • Ongoing Projects
  • 1. Development of Cryptanalysis Tools for Hamming Metric Post Quantum Code Based Cryptosystems, sponsored by DRDO (System Analysis Group), Investigator(s): Dr. Bhaskar Biswas and Dr. Debasish Bera [SAG/4600/TCID/CARS/52: Total Cost: 54.83696 Lakhs]

  • 2. Investigation on the propagation characteristic of thermo-elastic wave in piezothermoelastic media sponsored by SERB , Investigator: Dr Anirban Lakshman [SRG/2020/001141: Total cost: 15.8656 Lakhs]

  • 3. Design and Implementation of 2PAKA (two party authenticated key agreement) protocol for devices using Post -Quantum Cryptography” sponsored by Data Security Council of India (DSCI), Investigator: Dr SK Hafizul Islam [Total cost: 4.9 Lakhs ]

  • 4.AI for Agriculture & Food Sustainability sponsored by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), R&D in IT Group, ITEA Division, Govt. of India, Investigator(s): Dr. Sanjay Chatterjee, Dr. Sanjoy Pratihar, and Dr. Imon Mukherjee [Total cost: 16.18 Lakhs ]

  • 5.Short-term Variability in Sun-Synchronous and Non-Sun Synchronous Tides in the Middle Atmosphere from Investigations of Contemporaneous Satellite, Model and Reanalysis Data sponsored by SERB, Investigator: Dr.Uma Das,Physics, Indian Institute of Information Technology Kalyani. [ ECR/2017/002258: total cost 20.3064 Lakhs ]

  • 6.Performance Optimization and Security Enhancement in Networks with Co-Channel Interference sponsored by DST INSPIRE, Investigator: Dr. Pratik Chakraborty, Indian Institute of Information Technology Kalyani. [ Total Cost: Rs. 35 Lakhs]

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