"विद्याधनं सर्वधनप्रधानम्"

IIIT Kalyani Staff         

IIIT Kalyani Technical Team

Md. Samim Rahaman

Senior Technical Assistant
Master in Computer Application (MCA), M.Sc in Computer Science
Email : samim AT iiitkalyani.ac.in

Alloted Subjects  

Computer Hardware and Networking, Python, DBMS, Data Structure,Operating System,Design and analysis of Algorithm-I,Algorithm-II,Compiler Design

Amit Kumar Sadhukhan

Technical Assistant
B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering, M.Tech (Pursuing)
Email : aks1991 AT yahoo.com

Alloted Subjects  

Electronics,Microprocessor and microcontroller,Compiler Design,Java, Scilab,Programming with C/C++,Data Structure

Sreejoyee Das

Technical Assistant
B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering, M.Tech in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (Pursuing)
Email : sreejoyee AT iiitkalyani.ac.in

Alloted Subjects  

Data Structure, Java, Scilab,Programming with C/C++,Operating systems,Design and analysis of Algorithm-I,Algorithm-II

Riya Dey

M.TECH,Ph.D.(Tech) (Pursuing)
Email : riya AT iiitkalyani.ac.in

Alloted Subjects  

Circuit Theory,Analog Electronics,Digital Electronics,Semiconductor Devices,Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering

IIIT Kalyani Office Staff

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Moupriya Das

Office Assistant
Email: moupriya@iiitkalyani.ac.in
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Rathin Pailan

Junior Assistant
Email: rathin AT iiitkalyani.ac.in
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Sanju Biswas

Office Attendant
Email: sanju@iiitkalyani.ac.in
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Twinkle Jena

Junior Assistant (Administration)
Email: ja_admin@iiitkalyani.ac.in
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Sourav Gope

Junior Assistant (Director Office)
Email: ja_do@iiitkalyani.ac.in, sourav@iiitkalyani.ac.in
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Debottam Biswas

Junior Assistant (Finance & Accounts)
Email: ja_fa@iiitkalyani.ac.in, debottam@iiitkalyani.ac.in