Fee Structure

Semester fee

New Admissions:

All payments are to be made (1) online through net banking or (2) by direct deposit into appropriate Institute accounts or (3) by using a credit/debit card at the time of admission. Other modes of payment like, cash, cheque, DD, etc., will NOT be accepted at the institute.

Total semester fees of Rs 98,320/- (including the fees paid to JoSAA; Rs 45,000/ 20,000 depending on category ) is to be paid at the time of admission to the institute. From second semester onwards, amount payable is Rs. 94,700/-.

Institute Account

Account Holder :- Indian Institute of Information Technology

Bank Name :- State Bank of India

A/C No – 33984361509

IFS Code SBIN0006701

Branch :- Kalyani Industrial Growth Centre

The present fee structure to be effective from academic session 2017 – 2018
1. Tuition Fees 90,000/-
2. Registration/Admission fee 500/- (One time)
3. Identity Card Fee 120/- (One time)
4. Students’ activities fee 500/-
5. Infrastructural Maintenance fee 500/-
6. Examination fee 500/-
7. Grade Card Fee 100/-
8. Provisional Certificate Fee 100/-
9. Transport fee 3000/-
10. Library Caution Money 1000/- (One time)
11.  Institute Caution Money (refundable) 2000/- (One tine)

Total 98,320/-


Six months fees for hostel and mess is to be made in advance.

Hostel Admission Fee                                                       1000/- (One-Time)
Hostel Caution Money Deposit (Refundable)              3000/-  (One-Time)
Hostel Establishment & Maintenance Charge            1000/-  (per semester)
Hostel Advance*                                                            30000/- (per semester)

Total                                                                                35000/-

*Includes fooding and lodging charges. May vary by decision of competent authority. From second semester onwards, amount payable would be Rs. 31000/-.

Hostel Account

Account Holder:- IIIT, Kalyani Hostel
A/C No :- 36099465513
IFS Code SBIN0006701
Branch :- Kalyani Industrial Growth Centre

Check the website details regularly for any updations/modifications.